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5 in 1 tree

The 5 in 1 Tree agent for DS was converted by Clohse from the C1 version.

It injects a small plant on the top level of the Norn Meso. It matures quickly, changing color with the seasons. It bears flowers in the spring and summer, and forms five kinds of fruit in the autumn and winter. Apples, bananas and pears drop from the tree and spoil. Creatures should not eat the spoiled fruit. Lemons and bluefruit stay on the tree longer than the other three types of fruit. After dropping they will remain good for a long time and then simply disappear. Lemons and bluefruit do not spoil.

This agent uses images from the original Terra Nornia World for C1. The original 5 in 1 tree was based on Daniel Smallman's Pear Tree.

Download at Creatures Caves.

This agent is compatible with OS X