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The Agent Transport connected to a Pulse Switch

Agent Transport is a connectable agent that can transport creatures, eggs, and other agents from one location to another when activated.

After injecting the Agent Transport, clicking the star button will create another Agent Transport.

The use of Agent Transport is simple:

  • Click the agent transport
  • Send a signal through the input port

The Agent Transport will send any agents touching the activated Agent Transport to an Agent Transport on the same channel.

Using the channel feature of Agent Transport can be somewhat complicated:

  • Agent Transport displays the channel that it is using at the top of the device.
  • The bottom of the agent displays the ID of the Agent Transport on the channel it is on.
  • When transporting agents, all Agent Transports on the channel with an ID higher than 1 will transport agents to the device with ID 1. When sending from an Agent Transport with an ID of 1, the Agent Transport with ID 2 will be the receiver.

Because it requires an input signal to function, the Agent Transport works best with the Pulsed Switch agent from C3 or another type of connectable agent which sends out a signal.

You can download Agent Transport from The High Tech Hand.

This agent is compatible with OS X