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Creatures 3 and Docking Station
Creatures 3 and Docking Station Breed Information.
Type: Norn
Breed Slot: Grendel slot D
Genome: Edited Bondi
Website: Universe of Ettins
Author: Created by Trix with genetics by Kaelis Ra
Conflicts: No currently known conflicts

Species specifics[]

The Akatora Norns are an unofficial Norn breed created by Trix (with genetics by Kaelis Ra) for the CCSF 2006. The concept is based on RedXIII from Final Fantasy 7 and there genome is Bondi in nature, meaning they age slow and are generally laid back. In looks they are dark red with orange-yellow bellies, hands, feet and tails. They have pitch black pointy hair which is riddled with feathers that grow more numerous as they age. They can be found for download at the Universe of Ettins and are well worth the time to get them being cute and haveing new and well made DNA. A story about them being found by the lone shee is told in the akatora story by sam999.