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Originally for Creatures 2, this was converted for Creatures 3 and Docking Station. The conversion uses the original sprites.

C2 version[]

The original was created by x0tix.

C3/DS version[]

Created by Hausmouse at Hausmouse's Creatures 3 Page.



A fruity bounty! Basket shown on left. Fruit are listed in order, from left to right.

The Albian Fruit Basket includes ten different fruits:

Each activation of the Albian Fruit Basket by the hand or a creature will dispense a single random fruit. Three of these fruit have additional properties. The Ashgum Berry contains Sodium Thiosulphite in a concentration of 0.78, which can cure cyanide poisoning. The Tantris Berry contains Alcohol & Vitamin E, both in a 0.4 concentration, and a bit of Arousal potential & Sex Drive, both at .15. Finally, the Gelsemium contains EDTA 0.78, a cure for Heavy Metal poisoning, and Prostaglandin 0.78, which is a general healing chemical. Chemical concentrations apply to the DS/C3 version of this agent. For specifics on the C2 fruit effects, consult the Creatures 2 Species List.

This agent is compatible with OS X