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Albian Gardens

Albian Gardens consists of The Norn Garden (C1) and The Creatures 2 Garden

Summary of Content[]

The Norn Garden[]

Lots of adoptions, a name book (shared with C2), some information on genetic mutations, many COBs and fewer tools.

C1 COBs[]

  • Sex Drive Increase Injection
  • Hyper Tomatoes (unknown)

by Lummox JR

by Slink

by Alexander Laemmle

by Steerpike

by mboehler

  • Water Pumps
  • Hootch Shelf

by Spotling

by Stefan Kuske

by James Frost

  • Tomato Vendor

by Amanda Penney and Chris Aliotta

by Cyberlife

C1 Tools[]

The Creatures 2 Garden[]

More adoptions, C2 COBs, a couple of tools and information on common diseases and problems and how to avoid or solve them.

C2 COBs[]

by Slink

  • Sproing Flower
  • Cactus Killer

by Lummox JR

by Julie Wohali-Bray

  • Black Raspberries

by Andrew U

  • Butterflies

by Bibble

by David Smallman

by Trevyn

  • Goddess

by Frimlin

  • Splot Berry Vendor

by Brad Fermanich

  • C2 Map Mover

C2 Tools[]