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Summary of Content[]

The English part (mostly translated parts from the main German part) hosts breeds and agents for Creatures 3 and Docking Station, as well as articles about the ecology of both the Shee Ark (C3) and the Capillata (DS).

There are also articles about the digital DNA of Creatures 3, together with tutorials about first steps with the Genome Editor (by Chris Double) and how to change pigment genes by means of the Genetics Kit.

You'll find the "Norndoktor" here - you can send your sick or mutated creature to and some articles about interesting cases the norndoktor got hold of.

The site also hosts the Nornimator (a utility for taking pictures of creatures made by Vadim).

The main part of the website, however, is in German. In addition to the English content you'll find:

Last, but not least, you'll find a lot of pictures of norndolls, grendeldolls and ettindolls made by Alien and others, as well as richly-pictured tutorials on how to make these dolls (including a downloadable sewing pattern) and some porcelain norn-mugs.

History of Website[]

The website started in May 2000, named "Alien's Creatures 3 web page" and was one (!) page long! You could at that time only find a few interesting norns to download. The site looked very "rookie"-style, with bright yellow and red letters on a black background.

Pretty soon the look of the site changed, due to the fact that the first articles about C3 ship's ecology and dDNA genetics got added and a need for more sections arose. The name was later changed to the present one.

The site maintained roughly this design until May 2003, when a major update led to it's present appearance. The old site also had a section for SeaMonkeys, which wasn't included in the later design.

Interesting Facts[]

Most of the stuff is put under the OCSC Licence.