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Anger Grendel V2

The Anger Grendels are Grendel Man's equivalent to the Demonic Grendels. Unlike the Demonics, Anger Grendels are just as likely to choose an Ettin to kill as a Norn. Every drive converts to anger in them. In fact, anger makes them extremely resistant to all diseases, injury, and wounding. This makes them extremely difficult to kill. Not even the Hand can injure them badly. It also should be noted that they are also amphibious and can swim. There are 4 versions.

  • Version 3 uses the sprites of the Banshee Grendels, the Draconian Norns, and the Ghost Norns. They lose sex drive while asleep, and therefore, are less likely to produce offspring-an intentional change, as they are extremely violent like the previous 2 versions were. The new sex drive changes are meant to control population, so it is less likely you will wind up with a hoard of killer beasties. They also have better coloration, and all hitting instincts come in at childhood. V3 is available from Grendel Man's section in the Norn Adoption Center.
  • There is also a version 4 of the anger grendels. But this version was not changed from the original, but made again from the standard grendel genome. They have hunting genes that are present from birth and they will start killing the minute they hatch. They also do not swim. They are more properly known as Killer Grendels. This version is available from KnyteTrypper's C3/DS Nexus.