The Anthill was made by Stefan Kuske. It can be downloaded from Albian Critter Litter.

From the readme:

An anthill will appear in the garden. You will see a lot of ants running around. Some of them are carrying little pieces of leaves. When a norn or the user clicks on one of the ants, the ant will be crushed and a 'red' soldier ant will appear somewhere. Teach your norns not to touch those 'red' soldier ants, because they will cause pain. You can't crush the soldier ants!

If you touch the anthill, a couple of soldier ants and some flying ants will appear. They try to defend their ant colony. Those flying ants behave like mosquitos!

If a norn touches some of the 'normal' ants, it will start to giggle, because they are tickling. The ants like to eat cheese, honey and all that comes from the distillery (they know what tastes good!!!). They also like to eat caterpillars!

It uses many C1 class numbers:

  • 2 10 110
  • 2 10 111
  • 2 10 112
  • 2 10 113
  • 2 10 114
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