Apollo (Christopher Boyd) first joined the Creatures Community after purchasing Creatures 2 Deluxe. He was disheartened by CL's demise and briefly left the community. He formerly owned a website called The Daily Omelette which he hardly ever used. He had created agents for Creatures 3 and Docking Station such as the Vibraphone and the Egg Texturer and was working on a couple other projects as well like his World Switcher update. Some of his agents and scripts can be found on his site .

Apollo can occasionally be found hanging out in Sine.

Current Projects: Improving the overall functionality of DS. (GUI, World Switcher, and such -- below is a link for tinted creature heads in the GUI!) Making a website... at some point. Possibly porting CV stuff to DS (I'd love to do it, but it requires a lot of resizing and messing with ATT files.)

Finished Projects: Tinting for the DS GUI! (also available at Eem Labs)

Personal site:

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