General Information

Game: Creatures Online

Aquanorn Sneak Peek

Home: The Beach

The Aqua Norn (Not to be confused with the Aquanorns for Docking Station) is a Norn breed that comes with Creatures Online. They are somewhat frog-like in appearance, with dark green skin, cream-coloured underbellies, small ears, flippers and extremely large amber eyes. Their skin will have a 'wet' appearance.

The Aqua Norn will most likely be aquatic, spending most of its time in or around water. It has been confirmed to be amphibious and able to mix and breed with other norns. The Aqua Norns will not have swimming animations, or be able to swim, however.

Did you know: The Aqua Norn is the first ever official amphibious breed to ship with a Creatures game.

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