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The Aspirin is a COB developed to cure the pain of your creatures (if they are sick or hurt, it also cures depressions). The Aspirin will just cure the pain, it doesn't recover your norns to a healthy state. It works exactly like a real aspirin (or that's at least the ones I've tried).

It is possible to experiment that your norns life force goes up when eating an aspirin, but it isn't produced because the aspirin has cured them, it just is produced because I've added them a nutritional component.

Aspirin also causes somnolence so don't mix them with alcohol or your norns will get really drunk in seconds!!

The Aspirin Vendor just dispenses the aspirins, it's carryable. To remove the Aspirin or the Aspirin Vendor from your world use their own removers.

The object classes used for those objects are:

  • Aspirin: 2 6 51
  • Aspirin Vendor: 2 8 57