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BORG, created by Alexander Laemmle, is a cheat utility for Creatures. It allows you to inject the selected creature with a multitude of different chemicals, to select or kill the grendel, to delete the Grendel Mother, to check all your norns' life forces, to check all your creatures' information (like this):

    • Name: Winona
    • Species: NORN
    • Sex: female
    • Age: 0:02 (Baby)
    • Ingame ID: 7508692
    • Genetic file (moniker): 7HOQ
    • Fingerprint: 1584
    • Rezeptors: 44
    • Sender: 25
    • Reactions: 71
    • Look: 4
    • Attitude: 104
    • Walk: 8
    • Instinct: 32
    • Pigmentation: 12
    • Total genes: 300
  • BRAIN:
    • Lobi: 9
    • Total neurons: 954

So, pretty useful. It also allows you to switch worlds, to have unlimited scrolling, to create a mum1 new norn, to force your norns to age one life stage, to give your creature instant verbs, to infect a creature, and to euthanase a creature.

"Creatures B.O.R.G. is (c) 1997 by Alexander Laemmle - all rights reserved!

The author feels not responsible for anything - you use this program at own risk!

If you like this please consider to send a letter with some money (any amount, any currency) to:

Alexander Laemmle Markt 7 A-5621 St.Veit i.Pg. AUSTRIA

Contact me via e-mail:"

See also: Borg Norns.


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