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The Blackstar Dojo is a role-playing forum, created by TheDarkPsycho, also known as The Sensei. Many of the current residents are or were formerly known on various Creatures Community boards and forums, including the Gameware Forums, Albia2000, and the Evil Council. The site contains a forum for Creatures roleplaying; since many RP forums on well-known CC websites such as Treesprite's Creatures Grove had been shut down, Blackstar was the solution for many of those in the CC wishing to carry on RP activity.

The Blackstar Dojo used a variation of the Evil Council's Standardized Role-play rules.

In late October of 2010, after an amazing four year run, the Dojo finally succumbed to hosting issues. However, the site quickly found a spiritual successor in Pax, where many prominent members gathered to carry on the traditions of Role Play.

Member Listing[]

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