A C2 Borg Norn

There are currently three types of Borg Norns available and one in development:

Borg Norn Information

The Borg Norns based on the Borg from Star Trek, and have many unique qualities; as in Star Trek, they assimilate other creatures, giving them much of their own genetics. This ensures the Borg Norns to multiply quickly, as the assimilated creatures soon starts assimilating others. Norns, grendels, ettins and geats are all vulnerable to assimilation - an assimilated Gaia often looks hilarious! Furthermore, a Borg creature has the ability to teleport, and in the swift of a cloud it may suddenly be located in another floor, or even another metaroom.

The Borg society is made up by a queen and her "minions" - the drones.(more info needed here)

For a Borg Norn to gain energy, it teleports itself into a chamber where all its basic needs are satisfied. When regenerating, a borg cannot say any normal speech, they cannot move, or express their feelings. However, once they teleport out of the chamber, they can start assimalating and splicing other creatures. (more info needed here)

The C2 Borg Norn breeds come with sprites, while the C3 BorgNorns use the Bengal Norn (may be fallow norn?) appearance.

The BioLab team, that made the C3/DS BorgNorns consists of:

  • Alex Twigg - CAOS
  • Antti Valli - CAOS/Art-Sprites
  • Russell S/nillion42 - CAOS
  • Sean (BioNorn) - Genetics/Art-Sprites
  • Tina Hirsch - CAOS/Programming/Linux Version

Alex Twigg's new Borg Norn feature sprites modeled and rendered in Lightwave 3D, the software used to make the original sprites for Creatures 2 onward.

There is a new project to revamp the Borg Norns, including new sprites for the breed. They will have a hairless appearance, the babies will have minimal implants and gain them as they age, and early models have been compared to demonic chihuahuas.

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