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Butterfly Norns

The Butterfly Norns are a new race with their own sprites and a new genome, that can be used with Creatures 3 and Docking Station. Like the Dream Norns, they have been developed from the Bengal Norns. The idea for these norns came from Don, who created the Butterfly Norns for Creatures 2.

Amanora started creating them early in 2005 together with Kathira, who created the genome, and Sephiroth, who made the Body data and the Breed agent. They were released on August 9th, 2005, during the CCSF.

The genome is based on that of the Chichi Norns with the following changes:

  • Enhanced color genes guaranteeing that the Norns keep the same coloring for their whole lifetime
  • A preference for flowers; Butterfly Norns love the smell of flowers, as created by an agent included in the download
  • Butterfly Norns only feel well when they are in natural surroundings
  • The mutation rate of the pose genes has been lowered, which prevents hobbling due to mutations
  • The mutation rate of the appearance genes has been lowered, which prevents spontaneous changes of appearance due to mutations

The Butterfly Norns occupy Geat slot A and can be downloaded at Amanora's Creatures.

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