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In 2010, Moe decided to make his own conversion of C2toDS, separate from Geat_masta's version, from scratch. Liam joined the project fairly early in its inception. This version of C2toDS is not compatible with C3-standalone or C12DS.

Version History

A "base" release was released in May 2010, including "emitters, sounds, overlays, weather, lifts, and of course, cheese". In October 2010, the C2 Halloween Pack was released as a C2toDS pack - one set of agents enlivened the C2toDS Albia, and one set was for the DS Meso. The C2toDS Halloween Pack also included original agents in the style of C2toDS. In November 2010, a preview agent was released for the CCSF 2010. In February 2011, Release 2 and 2.1 (with added Macintosh support) were released, including a full transportation system, a wide variety of fauna and flora, new vendors, new toys, and new secrets to discover. In April 2012, ylukyun began hosting the Release 2.1 files. In December 2013, Moe released a third beta version of C2toDS, with added fauna and flora, new vendors, life kit and object pack additions, atmospheric effects, and more secrets.

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