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C3 In DS is a series of metarooms that use the Creatures 3 rooms (Norn Terrarium, Crypt, Grendel Jungle, Ettin Desert and the Marine Terrarium) as loose rooms for Docking Station. Creatures 3 is required.

These metarooms give the player slightly more control over their worlds. Instead of just being able to create docked or undocked worlds it gives the option of adding as many or as few of the Creatures 3 rooms to Docking Station as desired. If docked worlds run too slowly on a user's computer they might add just the Norn Terrarium to DS for the extra space and outdoors feel, whereas Grendel lovers may choose to add the Grendel Jungle.

C3 In DS was created by Emmental (CAOS) and Data (sprites). The separate metarooms can be downloaded at Emmental's Docking Station Agents.

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