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The 2005 CCSF ran for the fortnight from August 1st to August 14th, 2005. It was centered around the idea of Give Back with a theme of Nature. The coordinators were Liam and Don.



"Competitions week" began on Day 1, August 1th. The competitions that took place included Fan Art, Short Stories and Agent making. Following a large number of requests the competitions deadlines were extended to August 14th. At which point the entries were collected together and passed on to a panel of secret judges who would have to unanimously assign the fabulous prizes.


"Downloads week" began on Day 8, August 7th and it was inteded that at least one donated download would be released for each day of the week. There was a generous number of downloads offered but it was hoped that the 2006 CCSF might be able to at least double or triple the results.

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Other Releases[]

Liam even released a Secret Adventure Mode Blue Carrot agent for DS on Day 6 of the Festival. It was to be a last surprise prior to his semi-retirement from the CC.

Planned Releases[]

Events and Games[]

The 2005 CCSF unveiled several feature articles, in tribute to certain people, metarooms and agents. One of these tributes was Terra Pluvialis.

The scheduled Festival web-games were unable to go ahead due to a lack of small prize donations, (small agents and the like), therefore they were delayed until 2006.

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