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The engine for the latest Creatures game is the Creatures Evolution Engine. It is in fact highly versatile and can be used to make many different kinds of games, providing that you know a little CAOS.


In order to create a simple replica of Docking Station under Windows:

  1. Copy your "Docking Station" game folder, placing it anywhere on your computer and then rename the copy to anything you like. (Make sure you copy any .dll .map .syntax and .cfg files).
  2. Open that new folder and, within it, load the file machine.cfg in a plain text editor such as Windows Notepad.
  3. Where you see "Game Name" "Docking Station", change Docking Station to something new.
  4. Run the game by double clicking on new engine.exe and look at the name in the title bar.
  5. A new set of registry entries will be added under the new game name.

The above technique will allow you to run two copies of the game at once (see right) although only one copy can be connected to the server at any one time.

Once you have the new game in place, editing the Bootstrap folder's COS files (in Notepad) will allow you to edit the main interface and functionality of the game. It is possible to make anything from a racing game to a strategy game so there are plenty of possibilities.

-- Instructions by Don

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