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A COB (also cob, COb) is a Creatures Object - an object in the game for either Creatures or Creatures 2. These objects are stored in .cob files, which contain an image (or images), a description, and some CAOS coding. See COB files for more information on the file format. In Creatures 3 and Docking Station COBs are known as agents.

Those who make COBs are known as COBblers.

Finding COBs

Many older C1 COBs are linked to from CObfinder General, Norntropolis and TazzMann's CREATUREs UNIVERSE, and a good list of C2 COBs can be found at Creatures of Avalon. There is a growing list of C1 COBs on GirlySatan's Creatures Webpage. Unfortunately, one popular site spanning all games (Where's The COB?) was taken down in late 2001/early 2002.

If you like a COB, why not add it to the list of known COBs?

Installing COBs

Cobblers should include a readme text file detailing specifics of how to install their COBs, but this is a rule of thumb.


  • .cob files go in the main Creatures directory (usually C://Program Files/Creatures)
  • .rcb files go in the main Creatures directory
  • .spr files go in the Creatures/Images directory
  • .wav files (if present) go in the Creatures/Sounds directory


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