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A COB (also cob, COb) is a Creatures Object - an object in the game for either Creatures or Creatures 2. These objects are stored in .cob files, which contain an image (or images), a description, and some CAOS coding. See COB files for more information on the file format. In Creatures 3 and Docking Station COBs are known as agents.

Those who make COBs are known as COBblers.

Finding COBs[]

Many older C1 COBs are linked to from CObfinder General, Norntropolis and TazzMann's CREATUREs UNIVERSE, and a good list of C2 COBs can be found at Creatures of Avalon. There is a growing list of C1 COBs on GirlySatan's Creatures Webpage. Unfortunately, one popular site spanning all games (Where's The COB?) was taken down in late 2001/early 2002.

If you like a COB, why not add it to the list of known COBs?

Installing COBs[]

Cobblers should include a readme text file detailing specifics of how to install their COBs, but this is a rule of thumb.


  • .cob files go in the main Creatures directory (usually C://Program Files/Creatures)
  • .rcb files go in the main Creatures directory
  • .spr files go in the Creatures/Images directory
  • .wav files (if present) go in the Creatures/Sounds directory


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