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Coconut Crab COB

The Cococnut Crab COB was created by Steve Dismukes of Fig's Tree. This COB injects a single Albian Coconut Crab onto the Desert Island. It will wander about, eating any fragments of coconut lying about.

About the Albian Coconut Crab[]

The Albian Coconut Crab is a land crustacean that inhabits the Desert Island between Albia's two seas. It exists exclusively on the coconuts that grow on the island, pulling the juicy coconut flesh from its shell with its powerful claws. Coconut Crabs are a great delicacy, quite delicious when fresh caught. Catching them is no easy feat, however, as they can deliver a painful nip.

Creatures picking up the Coconut Crab will experience:

Creatures eating a Coconut Crab will receive:

The Coconut Crab uses C1 class numbers:

  • 2 10 169