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Creature Labs - the "new CL"

Creature Labs (aka Creature Labs, Ltd) is the company that was renamed from Cyberlife when Steve Grand split off to form Cyberlife Research. This split emphasized its focus on entertainment products rather than research, and it subsequently released Creatures 3, Docking Station, Creatures Adventures and Creatures Playground as well as the official Creatures 3/Docking Station breeds and several other games.

Unfortunately, despite a refinancing in 2002 (which resulted in a new holding company called Entraline) Creature Labs was unable to derive enough revenue from these activities to survive, and shut up shop on 20 March 2003. Their assets were purchased by Gameware Europe and so provided to Gameware Development.

Creature Labs (and Cyberlife) were based (from January 1999) in offices at 1 Quayside, Bridge Street, Cambridge, although employees could often be found downstairs in Henry's Cafe Bar.

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