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Creatures Against Norn Abuse

A site advocating the prevention of cruelty to creatures. Somewhat similar to Equal Rights For Norns, but less vocal in the torture side of things and more humourous.

Summary of Content[]

The original idea for CANA was a light-hearted web-ring/banner campaign, in a similar vein to ERFN, but somewhat less militant. Studz and Kimberlee published a set of banners on their respective websites inviting CCers to use more of the tickle and less of the smack on their Norns.

On 25 April 2001, Gabriel set up a proper website for the society (eventually seeking permission from Studz :), and so more in the spirit of the original organisation than a direct continuation), with philosophical musings, advocacy and "fun stuff" (even including Grendel origami), as well as Norns for download and some creature-friendly COBs for Creatures 2:

Later versions also offered a Creatures-based search engine, "Foogle", although its links database was a little small, containing just 18 sites. An MS-DOS-executable Creatures encyclopaedia, "Flub Dis!", was on the cards, but never reached a completed version.

The group was eventually into divisions for Norns, Ettins and Grendels - the heads of each division were:

  1. Norn Division: Lacota
  2. Ettin Division: Wizard Ettin (who even set up an Ettin Division page)
  3. Grendel Division: Dr Nornavis

Unfortunately, these divisions were never hugely active.