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A Creatures Community Project or CCP is a collaborative project, often in the form of a new world or metaroom, contributed to by any member of the CC who wishes to do so. The concept was thought up by edash on July 18th 2003 and originally posted to Creatures Caves.


  • 18 July 2003: The first CCP was born.
  • 3 September 2003: Whilst the website was being developed by MNB a temporary forum at AmberCreatures was opened by Don.
  • 31 May 2004: Following the closure of the website, the decision to keep the CCP at AmberCreatures was made.
  • The project did not appear to be making much progress on a simple forum so it was paused, awaiting the development of the AmberCreatures Community Project system.
  • January 2005: nornagon opened his own version of the Creatures Community Project: The Norn Rock Creatures Community Project.