Creatures Wiki Admins

The following people have the ability to solve problems with articles, such as moving them and deleting them, and to help stop vandalism:

  • Sgeo is the founder of the Creatures Wiki and has super-nornal powers.
  • GreenReaper is a sysop and bureaucrat and can help you sort out categorization problems, delete or protect pages, and deal with troublesome users. He likes cheese and carrots (and biccies!).
  • Erin has red (orange!) hair, and is trouble with a capital E!
  • ElasticMuffin is slightly crumbly but has a good texture underneath.
  • Alien has norndolls, and lots of them! Plenty of C2 norn breeds, too.
  • Malkin lives in a land down under tending her C1 Norn farm.
  • Officer 1BDI is going to write the Great Albian Novel someday, probably set in the C2 era.
  • Don is a very busy AmberShee who likes ettins.
  • Fuzzie is a bitter oldbie whose fatal weakness is chocolate. Fear her knowledge of CAOS and the inner workings of the Creatures games.
  • MonaLS spends her time running rings around us all.
  • C-Rex is a Norn king, despite not actually being a Norn himself. He also likes pizza and working on new genetic breeds, though not at the same time.

Wikia Admins

These people are also admins because they are admins on Wikia and are more powerful than the normal admins, although not active on this Wiki:

Who to Call For Help

If you need an admin, it is suggested you try to contact them in roughly this order:

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