Creatures Wiki

On February 12, 2008, Danikat announced the launch of Creaturetopia, a new, modern forum for discussion of the Creatures series, partially as a response to strife on the Gameware Forums and its lack of moderation. Within a week the forum had gained around 30 members and over 400 posts.

On June 12, 2008, TheDarkPsycho created a new section on Creaturetopia entitled Coalition to Save Gameware's Forum (CCSG) in response to the perceived spam issues surrounding the official GameWare Forums. A matching companion thread was created a short time later on GW, which was subject to much argument and heated debate. The majority of Creaturetopia's topics have been otherwise uneventful.

The site is almost entirely forum (running under phpBB3), in contrast with A2K or Creatures Caves, which are more general purpose sites. However, it does include subforums; one concerning Creatures Links (websites and resources pertaining to Creatures) and another with an external link to CC Chat.

Treesprite is to take over from TheDarkPsycho on June 1, 2010 due to the latter's lack of time for involvement.

TreeSprite says: " address should be returning soon. Apparently there's been an issue with billing..."

After serious problems with spam registrations and emails, TreeSprite had to turn off new user registrations on October 5, 2011.