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Crystalnorn avatar

Crystalnorn's current avatar, depicting Fairah.

Crystalnorn (Formerly known as Critter_girl) is a well known member of the Gameware Forums. She was first introduced to Creatures at the age of six or seven, with her first Creatures game being Creatures 2. She first joined the Creatures Community sometime in 2005. She eventually became absent, only to return in September 2007 with the name Crystalnorn. (Not to be confused with the user Crystal-norn)

On January 14, 2008 she rejoined Albia 2000 as Fairah, the main character in her fan fiction Restoring the Balance and is also her role-play character. She also chose this name to further differ herself from another community member with the same name. On March 25th, she joined the Creaturetopia forums.

She was the webmaster of Lil' Norn Town which has somewhat been revived and redesigned as a new website, The Creature Court. The Creature Court was in development starting in September 29th, 2007. It first opened to the public in October 9th, 2007.

Creatures Development[]

Crystalnorn is a cob developer, although she has made only one cob in her life, and also hopes to develop or help with breed creation. However she usually exceeds the most in drawing concept art and creating stories that fit with the creation. Crystalnorn is a member of the Creatures Breed Development Team. She hopes to help with anything and learn anything.

Crystalnorn has created the Stinky Blue Cheese COB for Creatures 2.

Crystalnorn's Fanfictions[]

Crystalnorn is a fascinated author of many fanfictions. Her current username on is Keppenkaren. She also writes fanfiction for Pokemon, Hamtaro and others.

Creatures Fanfiction in the Works:
Restoring the Balance
The Arkworld Series

Crystalnorn is currently waiting before continuing on these two in-progress stories, most likely when Tainted Eyes, a website section where she'll host her fan fictions, is released. That doesn't mean she hasn't stopped development of her stories though.

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