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The Custom Norn Maker is a webpage tool which will create a customised C3 or DS Norn for download. Users select the preferred genome, the sprites to be used by their creature and the values of its pigment genes. The page then runs a script which creates the Norn inside an agent file. The egg containing your custom Norn can be hatched from the egg layer.

The web form contains sprites for all of the breeds created by Creature Labs except for the Banshee Grendels, and also contains the Alien Norns, Aqua Norns, Kunterbunts and Curiosa Norns. Not all the official genomes are available for selection, however - users can choose from the ChiChi, Treehugger or Bondi genomes, as well as a few user-made genomes and the Ettin and Grendel ones.

Only one custom Norn breed can be installed at a time, as they all use the same genome name and will overwrite one another when a new agent is extracted.

Custom Norn for Creatures 3 has been declared obsolete by the author. EasyGMS supersedes it.