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Data has been a member of the Creatures Community since 1999. He was webmaster of Norn Fleet Academy, which hosted several COBs and agents for games in the Creatures series (some of which are now at Creatures Caves), and he is an operator in JRChat.

Data has also made norndolls for many community members; a list of these with photographs and design patterns was available on his site until taken down. However, the link below at least has photos.

A newer, updated collection of norndoll photos is now uploaded to photobucket.

At one stage began working on a new breed but gave up in frustration after the reserved slot was taken within a month of reserving. Twice! The breed was begun after many requested a "doodle" in POVRay be used as a template. Old backups have recently been found but no further work is planned.

Gender: Obviously Male.
Year of Birth: 1977.
Location: Australia.
Offspring: one.
email & msn: dafrahn (at) hotmail (dot) com

Ibteuimnh's Biscuit and multi-biscuit injector
Carolyn's Pink Bubbly Vendor

C2 Cobs:
Asterix critter with sprites by Don and Laz
Obelix critter sprites by Laz
Getafix critter
C2 Bee Silencer
C2 Cloud Killer
Carolyn's Pink Bubbly sprites donw in POVRay
Ibteuimnh's Biscuits & Vendor sprites by Ibteuimnh & POVRay

C3 Agents:
Asterix critter conversion done by a member who's name escapes me right now, but someone PLEASE give him credit if you remember!
Sprites for some of Mandy & Emmentals' agents

He also joined the ERFPC Webring. "Equal Rights for Paper Clips" when very new to the internet and while creating his first (rather ugly) website.