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Deep Freezer

The Deep Freezer is a gadget for DS made by MNB. It is available from the Creatures Mainframe.

The Deep Freezer will stop or "freeze" agents. You can freeze food to keep it from turning into detritus, freeze seeds for planting later, or stop any agent you can fit inside it.

The top left button freezes and unfreezes agents put into the freezer. The top right (screen lock) button allows you to toggle the freezer between two display modes: sitting on the ground or locked into a specific part of the screen.

This is a BIG agent, you might want to put it in a corner of the screen you don't look at much.

If the Deep Freezer is removed, any agents that were frozen in it are returned to the world and unfrozen. All agents in the world will be unfrozen as well.

NOTE: The download section of this site is currently askew, and as a result, many or all of the downloads link to a single agent. You can still download this agent by traveling to this link. [[1]]

This agent is compatible with OS X