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The many different Deep Norn lifestages

The Deep Norns are a Norn breed developed by Ghosthande for the CCSF 2011. They are a Lovecraftian-inspired Norn breed based on Vampess's CFE genome.

The Deep Norns start out as terrestrial, innocuous-looking babies and gradually metamorphose into fully amphibious elders. They come with their own metaroom, Devil's Reef, and an agent pack containing three agents: cute star-spawn plushies, a basket of muffins, and a copy of the Necronornicon. They occupy Norn Slot W.

Deep Norn Head

Deep Norn head

Deep Norns are quite unique, as they don't die of old age, and have a slight resistance to heavy metals, although they are not immune to them. Although Deep Norns can eat regular food, the often prefer to eat critters such as fish.

They can be downloaded at Breeders Beware, Ghosthande's site.


  • A Deep Norn appeared on the CCSF 2008 website wearing a Santa Claus Hat.
  • The Deep Norns are inspired by Lovecraft's Deep Ones in The Shadow Over Innsmouth.
  • When Deep Norns reach the adult stage of life, their eyes will remain open whilst they sleep. This is because like fish they have no eyelids.