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The Devthing is a funky little application for use with C3 and DS which contains a massive feature list. It was written by Wopsy and was available at Wopsy's Creatures Stuffs. It is mirrored at Creatures Caves. It used to be called CheatThing, but was renamed on the 2nd of April 2004. It has features useful to players, developers and breeders.

The main features of the current version of Devthing include:

Developer Features[]

  • A CAOS injection box, with option reply box.
  • Create a CAOS command list.
  • A COS file injector.
  • A log view showing all the information/CAOS sent to the game and everything it sent back, with autoclearing features.
  • An attribute / behaviour calculator, with classifier grabber, ELAS, FRIC AERO, ACCG, and ov features.
  • Multiline/SCRP injection.


  • Max Bioenergy.
  • Knockout/Zombify/Sleep/Kill/Remove/Pause/Waken/Send to location for all creatures.
  • Allow pickup with either right click or shift + right click.
  • Pickups: allow move/bring to incubator/allow click.


  • A genetic injector/crossbreeder/mutator/impregnator/egg layer.
  • Creature cloner.
  • Moniker display.
  • Forced egg laying.
  • Determine child genome
  • Eggs: Bring to incubator/Destroy/Set Gender/Count/Hatch All/Pause for all or one egg.
  • Wolfing run utilities.

Norn Care/Information[]

  • Add name labels which follow creatures.
  • Autoname Creatures.
  • Express Need/Instant Verbs/Force Aging for all or current Norn.
  • Count all Norns/Ettins/Grendels.


  • Kill Ettin/Grendel egg layer.
  • Inject ball, cheese, apple, or pumperspickle.
  • Make splicer not kill Norns.
  • Turn cheese machine into food cannon (randomly throwing out four foods).
  • Remove ecology.
  • Increase map size.
  • A full features chemichal grapher and injector.
  • Clone HOTS.
  • Change all the game variables, i.e. c3_max_norns down to engine_multiple_birth_first_chance.
  • Notification clearer.
  • Camera locations for quick navigation to undiscovered rooms.


Easter Egg[]

Upon clicking on the version number,the following chain of 11 messages will appear: (number is which click gives which message,1=first click,2=second click,and so on)



3:Please,it really hurts!

4:Dear lord you're cruel!

5:One last chance..!

6:Or I'll kill all your norns! *grin*

7:Seriously,that was your warning.People think they can just click right over me!

8:Okay,if I have to..!

9:'kay,they're alive,but don't do it!

10:OMG you suck!(Upon displaying this message,all norns in the world will say "byebye hand!" and immediately drop dead.)

11:Shut up,it serves you right!(Any further clicks will yield no result.)

Closing and reopening devthing resets this chain of messages.

This agent has not been tested with OS X Creatures