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Ashley Harman and Mark Ashton


The Docking Station Story (also known as the Lone Shee story) was written by Ashley and Mark to explain and promote Docking Station and the eleven norn and grendel packs that were sold after its release. Mark wrote the prologue and a number of the chapters, and acted as editor for the breed chapters that Ashley wrote up until Mark's departure.

The chapters themselves followed the travels of the Lone Shee, rumored to be the last Shee on Albia before he left the planet in search of his fellow Shee. Along the way, he encountered and created a wide variety of norns, and eventually met up with the Banshee, a sort of anti-Shee, and their pet Banshee Grendels. The final chapter of the Docking Station story remains, officially, incomplete.

The Lone Shee states, in a few of the stories, that he might not be in the same universe that he started in which allowed some flexibility in justifying contradictions to the existing creatures series canon. The Banshee subplot though, specifically, is not canon. Nevertheless, many members of the Creatures Community continue to hold the stories close to heart, some going as far as to continue his story themselves.

Gameware hosts most of the breed stories, as well as the prologue, on their site, but all of the chapters can be found at Treesprite's Creatures Grove.

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Die Rückkehr der Shee by Marcus K. is technically not a Lone Shee story, but is a new breed story involving the Shee.