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Dominar Rygel XVI, AKA Creature imortalizer, is a gengineer for Creatures 3, with roughly one year of experience. He has made the CCLOCFC3 (wich stands for CAOS Command Lister for Creatures 3), and plans on building a "Lister" for the Creatures 3 Classifiers. His website is called the Mad Squirrel Brigade.

The nickname Dominar Rygel XVI came from a Science Fiction television show named Farscape. His Wiki name "Creature imortalizer" came about because he tends to make Creatures immortal.

He WILL for another user...

  • make a .gen file, with the specifications given if possible.
  • create a lister.
  • give you a list of tools he uses.
  • edit an existing .gen file.

You can always ask for a gene file to be made for you, you just have to include the following: A descriptive paragraph of what you want (preferably 3 or more unique things for it). It should include the following: The creature tpye (Norn, Grendel, or Ettin), the aging speed (if any), anything that you want in the creatures' genes (including, but not limited to amphibious, unaging, damage resistant, poision/disease resistance), and most importantly, a please and thank you. You can email to .

He will NOT...

  • make .c16, .s16 or any other kind of image file.