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Don joined the Creatures Community back in December 1996 as the webmaster of AmberCreatures, a known developer for each of the games and our unofficial Creatures technical support.

She is a regular visitor to, CC Chat, Sine and the main community forums, and even featured in the first ever Much ado about Norns newsletter here in 2000. She is also a wikicities administrator and wikipedia user.

In RL, Don is an overworked CTO, having previously worked at Maxis as a Content Designer on The Sims, with a Masters degree in Software.

She has a keen interest in cross-platform software development, graphic design, web engineering and online RPGs. Don mostly programs in C++, Java, PHP and SQL, designs graphics & layouts in Photoshop, and all too frequently upgrades her computer to keep up with the latest technology.

During her time off Don tries to steer away from computers where she can, enjoying travel, photography, shopping and the usual socialising.




Don has been a Creatures fan since the initial release of Creatures 1 and has followed the series fanatically ever since. The above photo shows the main bulk of her Creatures hoard, which includes every Creatures box set ever released for every system (even though she does not own a PlayStation).



Don's nine official and three home made Norndolls


Seventeen of Don's official Norndolls sat on a table

  • Gender: Female
  • Interests: Programming, alife, tech
  • Causes: Animal welfare and Endangered species
  • Games: Strategy and god games
  • Main Platform: Windows 7 Ultimate
  • Location: Sunny old England
  • Docking Station ID: Don
  • email: don(at)

Previous Aliases[]

  • The Shee Apprentice
  • Don the AmberShee

Affiliations, Past and Present[]

Interesting Facts[]

What's In a Name[]


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The story behind the AmberShee...

Having begun in the community as 'The Shee Apprentice' in 1996 while gathering resources, documentation and programming tools to learn how become a Creatures developer, it seemed appropriate that once ready to start making her own cobs, breeds and worlds that she should take a new name. Don had always had a fascination with the stone 'amber' and the secrets it might keep from the age of the dinosaur; So, after having completed a number of small projects such as new butterfly and fish critters for Creatures 1, she decided she should evolve into the 'AmberShee', and began work on an ancient AmberCity world, reminiscent of the later Ettin temple in the desert of Creatures 2.


Development Platforms[]

Don P7057922 small

Some of Don's Norndolls with the C2 world plan sketch

Her main development machines are as follows:

  • Intel Core 2 Quad @ 4 x 3.0GHz - Windows 7 Ultimate
  • Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2 x 2.13GHz - Windows XP Pro
  • Intel Core Duo @ 2 x 2.0GHz - Windows Vista Ultimate
  • Intel Pentium 4 @ 2.4GHz - Ubuntu Linux
  • Mac Mini G4 @ 1.42GHz - Mac OSX Leopard & Tiger
  • Intel P4 @ 2.66GHz - Windows 2003 Server
  • In need of an Intel Mac OSX Yosemite next

For testing purposes Don also runs Windows 95, Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP Home, Windows XP Pro, Windows 2000 Server, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Ultimate, Red Hat 9 (pre Fedora), Fedora, Mandrake 10 (pre Mandriva), Mandriva, Knoppix, Mac OS 7.5 68k, etc.

Developer Information[]

Don has developed addons for Creatures, Dogz, Catz, Oddballz, Babyz and The Sims games, amongst other things.

Herbivore creatures from The Habitat

A-Life Projects[]

  • The Habitat - Artificial life computer game that was in development but has since been put on hold (see right).

Creatures Development[]


A miscellaneous image of some of Don's breeds, including the Creatures 1 Ettin, Red Kanga Norns, Day Norns, Ettin family, Butterfly Norns, Blueberry Norns and the Grendel family.

  • C2 Script Range: 15,201-15,401
  • C3 Script Range: 15,600-15,700

Creatures 1 Contributions[]

Creatures 2 Contributions[]





Creatures 3/DS Contributions[]


  • C12DS Breeds
  • ChiChi Norn (C3)
  • Ettin Eggs (DS)
  • Grendel Eggs (DS)

Egg Fixes

  • Gargoyle Norn Update
  • Gecko Norn Update
  • Ghost Norn Update



  • Metaroom Expansion Kit
  • Combined Breeding Update
  • DS Single Login

Creatures Contributions general[]


Creatures Collection[]


Mugs, and the backboard & coconut from the C1 Hatchery Background model

Norndolls and Norn Beanies[]


Don is the proud owner of a hand made Butterfly Norn Norndoll (shown right), designed especially by her good friend Data back in May 2003.

She also now has twenty two (22) official Norndolls measured at around 6.5 inches tall each: the group consists of ten purple Blueberry Norns , ten green Norns, and two brown Norndolls.


Don owns the full collection of Creatures posters: the four Creatures 2 posters and one Creatures 3 poster, both Creature Labs and Gameware Development mugs, the Creatures mouse mat, The Forest Scene background model, and a couple of souvenirs from the Hatchery model.

Creatures Titles Owned[]


DVD boxed - Each of the versions published by Kutoka, Gameware, Fusion, FastTrak, Focus, and TuxGames

List of Titles[]


Don is a long term supporter of the Creatures series and therefore her complete collection includes thirty unique titles, twenty-eight box sets and two electronic-only releases:

Creatures 1*, Creatures 1 Life Kit #1, Creatures 1 Deluxe, Creatures 2, Creatures 2 Life Kit #1, Creatures 2 Life Kit #2 (electronic), Creatures 2 Deluxe, Creatures 3**, Docking Station (electronic), Creatures Internet Edition, Creatures Gold, Linux Creatures Internet Edition, Creatures Trilogy/Gold, Creatures Adventures, Creatures Playground, The Albian Years (Remastered), Creatures Exodus (Remastered), Creatures Village (Remastered), Creatures Triple Pack, Creatures Exodus (Mac), Creatures Village (Mac), Creatures Exodus (Mac+Win), Creatures Village (Mac+Win), Creatures (PlayStation), Creatures Raised in Space (PlayStation) and Creatures (Gameboy Advanced). Plus the eleven Creatures Mall breeds, Creatures 1 Strategy Guide and Sea-Monkeys.

* Three different versions, two of which are Windows and PowerPC Mac dual-format games (see below). ** Full sized box release and DVD boxed



Creatures 1 on my Mac OS X Tiger in Classic


Don test of running dual Creatures Docking Station games

Other Creations[]


Don's Clay Creatures

Clay Creatures[]

Back in 1998 Don, being the artistic type, even had a go at making a few Creatures 2 Norns of her own. The small tribe of clay creatures she produced were around 2cm high and included purple, brown and blue Norns. It wasn't long before she decided to try her hand at Grendels and Ettins as well in order to complete the miniature scene. See right.

Don's DIY Norndolls[]

Back in July 2010 Don began wondering how difficult it might be to make a Norn, so she bought a pack of felt and some supplies and, despite having not made a plush toy before and not being willing to take any of her dear Norns apart, nine attempts on here are the results:


Don's first seven home-made Norns

The following gallery shows Don's progress on designing her own Norndoll template pattern and starting a small new Norn colony, with a little Nornish help holding the pieces ;)

The first Norn was nicknamed Beta Norn, then came an Aqua Norn, Burgundy Norn, Fuchsia Norn, a black Ninja Norn and a Ruby Norn. You can find the template v5.0 with full instructions, released during the CCSF 2010, here with prior preview photos here.

Designing a new Norndoll Trio[]

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