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C3dragonfly ingame

Dragonfly (Flitus bhomicus)[]


The Dragonfly is a large insect found in both the Norn and Jungle terrariums. The adults are active hunters of smaller bugs and pests, while the nymphs require plants for both food and to climb up to become adults. When the females are ready to lay their eggs, they drop them over the pond in whichever terrarium they call home.

Dragonflies in the Norn Terrarium can breed without problems. However, the only pond in the Jungle Terrarium has no plants for the nymphs to climb on, dooming the initial population to extinction if left alone. It's recommended that one put a plant agent in the pond (such as the Chilli Pepper Pots from the Hardman Norn pack) or move them to the Norn Terrarium.

Some players have experienced periodic extinction of the dragonflies in the Norn terrarium. This is actually due to the fact that the female dragonflies tend to go more often over the lake in order to lay eggs, and thus are more prone to being eaten by their natural predators. Over a long time, this may result in an all-male dragonly population, leading to extinction.

There was a Dragonfly COB made for Creatures 1 by Slink. The dragonfly is also a real terran insect.

Food web[]

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