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Editnorn This article is about a project that is in development.
Information may change significantly as the project progresses.

EggLab is a program that was going to allow easy breed creation that was being made by Musicneb. Its a standalone metaroom which works just like Docking Station but lets you edit a Creature through a series of in game editing tools. You can export the end Creature as an Egg File.

This means you can make a creature's genetics out side of the program easily (using a genetics editor or liveGMS or EasyGMS), edit the creatures appearance in the program (by cross-breeding it, splicing it, and changing it's sprites) and then export the product as a breed.

Features include:

- Egg Layer (with option to import genome)

- Splicer

- Sprite Colour changer (this tints a body part of the creature a custom colour)

- Sprite editor (You can edit (in a paint-like program) import (any common image file) and export (as a sprite OR as any common image file) It also has functions to automatically make a set of sprites for every age of the creature, from just one set of sprites (or individual bodypart sprites). It will do this by resizing and re-colouring the sprites. e.g. A whole set of adult sprites, automatically made for all the other ages by making it whiter for the elderly creatures, smaller for the baby creatures, etc... e.g. One baby arm-sprite made into all the other ages by recolouring and resizing the sprite in the same way.)

- Exporting Eggfile (exports as an Agent file for egg-layers in docking station. The creature's head preview (in the egg layer) is made automatically for the egg0file, but there's also an option to open it in the sprite editor (where you can edit, import, and export the image like above))

The job of finishing the just started project is open to anyone who wants to take on the massive thing.

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