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ElasticMuffin's ubiquitous avatar.

ElasticMuffin (originally known in the community as MysticEttin and elsewhere currently as diagonalfish) is a part-time wiki user, random website developer, and software developer. His real name is Eric Goodwin, though he is not actually related in any way to the Creature Labs geneticist of the same name.

He started several Creatures-related websites he designed, including The Creature Repository, openc2e's site (now defunct), and Eem Labs.

Community Involvement[]

He received a copy of Creatures 1 in 1997 (when it still came in a full-size box) and soon after got involved in the CC. After receiving C2, he switched his development and playing focus over to the newer game. He soon started a basic Creatures website known as Mystic Ettin's Creatures Forest (MECF). After existing in various forms over a period of roughly 5 years, at a variety of different free web hosts, it ceased to be updated in late 2001 (or possibly early 2002).

His appearances in the CC are intermittent and unpredictable. Some older examples include his resoundingly unsuccessful attempt at a community-based website, EemNet, and a concept for a unified Creatures content database, CCNet, which never materialized due to copyright concerns and technical problems.

In early 2006 he launched Eem Labs, containing many new and old-but-not-forgotten Creatures addons produced by regulars of Sine. In mid-2006 he released The Creature Repository, a hand-coded site that allows anyone to publish their creatures with descriptions and pictures.

He occasionally dabbles in CAOS. He has created a few agents, including the SMW Spike Tops, the Elastic Muffins (whose sprites were made by Syrra), and the Collectible Pokemon Toys. These may still be found at Eem Labs.

Otherwise, he continues to lurk on Sine, where he used to manage most of the technical aspects and server operations, but now specializes in idling. He is also very occasionally found lurking around the major community forums. He once was a regular of JRChat.

History of the Name[]

The name 'ElasticMuffin' came about by an unusual series of events one quiet Saturday morning in JRChat, the date of which has been forgotten (but sometime before 2001). Suffice it to say that the name is a twisted form of "MysticEttin" for which Leonard and Sent are primarily responsible. After these events, ElasticMuffin made several cameo appearances in JRChat under the new name (he has since changed over to it permanently; "MysticEttin" has not been used since MECF's closing).

At the time, he was heard to say in JRC that it was just "my 'today' name" (clearly, this was a blatant falsehood). Logs of the event are, happily, almost entirely lost in the mists of time.


In addition to maintaining the openc2e website, he produced the official Windows build, and contributed minor hacks and CAOS docs.