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Elf was co-creator of the Pyrite Grendels, the Dusky Grendels and the Sea Ettins with Shazza, and a conversion of the grendels called the Pewter Grendels with slaterbait. Her grendels used a genome based on a Bruin Norn genome provided by Moca - as a result, her grendels were more peaceful, lived for longer and had certain immunities.

Elf's website - Elf's Experimentation Labs - is now down, but her grendels are described here and on archives of her site, and are archived at MysticFalcon's Worldz along with the Sea Ettins.

She's also known as the creator of Golden Bengals breed and author of the Egg Pack for Mermaid norns, both can be found at Iggdrasil and Iggdrasil v2

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