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Elf's Experimentation Labs

Summary of Content[]

Several original Creatures 3/Docking Station breeds:

and the following genetic breeds:

  • Tinted Zebra Norns
  • Dusty Pink Norns
  • Non-Crowded Norns
  • Golden Bengal Norns

To go with these, there are some agents:

  • Hoppy Toy
  • Candy Vendor
  • Oranges (by Maraelen, C3 only)
  • Prism Shell (with Nina)

It also hosted the Pewter Grendels, a conversion of the Pyrite Grendels to the original Creatures by Slaterbait.

History of Website[]

A previous incarnation of the website called The Lost Laboratories of the Shee contained Creatures and Creatures 2 content.