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Fimbul Norn female
Fimbul Norn male

The Fimbul Norns are a breed created by Marcus K. for Creatures 3/Docking Station that like it cold - very cold! Named after Fimbulwinter, the season of ice and snow that is part of Ragnarok in Norse mythology, their bodies are ice-blue or white all over, with the occasional dark patches hinting at their Civet Norn heritage. The Fimbul Norns come with several agents, including the Fimbul Trapper plant, some species-specific teleporters, and a converter to turn the Ettin Desert into an icy tundra called Fimbul.

Did you know? Fimbul actually means "great/big" in Old Norse.

Fimbul Norns are well-adapted to their environment, the cold weather helping them cope with poisons and injury. Wounds turn to ice, and do not affect the norns, unless they are moved to a warmer environment (in which case they will melt, causing injury and possibly death). In addition, Fimbul norns have no defense against poisons at all -- excepting antigens -- if not in cold conditions. Be warned, Pregnant Fimbul Norn females are very aggressive!

Also included with the breed are two genetic breeds called the Fimbul Friends, races of Ettin and Grendel (derived from the Yettins and the Banshee Grendels) which can endure the cold temperatures of the tundra.

The Fimbul Norns occupy Grendel slot T and can be downloaded (translation) at Mummy's Creatures. You can also read their history (translation).