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The title given to this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is flib_dat.
This page is about the person; for the website, see Flib Dat!

flib_dat (or now R0bin) gained his reputation as a troll on AGC and never quite lost that reputation. He then changed his nickname (to FCob1) and proceeded to get banned from JRChat due to silly behavior. He then changed his nickname again to CreaturesR00lz and became a resident of the Active Worlds world, Tiburon.

When Tiburon was shut down, flib_dat left ActiveWorlds and started another world called Tiburon on a privately owned ActiveWorlds Universe called VectorWorlds, which was unused as Lis Morris never rebuilt Tiburon there. flib_dat then left the CC, returning to JRChat or AGC once or twice.

flib_dat was responsible for a few small COBs that were on the HomeCreatures website before it died.