Creatures Wiki

Flowerbunny can be found at the Gameware Forums, and she is slowly becoming more active there. She is also debating joining Blackstar. She is willing to do small-scale spriting work but she has not done anything yet. Flowerbunny also writes fanfiction, but none of it is finished yet. She uses a Mac for her Creatures playing, and also has a PC laptop, which does not have Creatures installed yet.


Flowerbunny has four characters. More details can be found here.

Chamo: Chamo is a gecko norn with the ability to change color at will, blending in with whatever she happens to be standing against. She can also disguise herself as any norn breed given a minute or two, but her tail stays about the same. She can also disguise herself as an ettin or grendel. Chamo is, however, only a child, and she often makes impulsive decisions.

Mammie Migootch: Mammie was an ordinary grendel who had the bad luck to be sent through the warp just as the server crashed. She landed in Forumopolis with some of her data scrambled, which gives her some strange powers. I'll just say this: don't make her angry.

Shokyao: Shokyao is a desert ettin with strange blue eyes. He prefers simply being called Sho. He is the leader of a strange organization associated with the moon. He is not very talkative, but very friendly, especially to orphans.

Okohs: Okohs, Ko for short, is a magma norn with burning yellow eyes, which have flecks of red and orange in them. She is the leader of another strange organization associated with the sun. She never talks about her past, but will chatter on and on about almost anything else. She has a quarrel with Shokyao which has been going on since Sho was a baby. However, they feel strangely drawn to each other and Ko has recently become pregnant...