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GEL is a genetic editor for Creatures and Creatures 2 created by Mike Raiford, first released on 1 January 1999.

Features include:

  • Chemical View - View Genes that affect a certain chemical
  • Loci View - Navigate back through a locus to view the emitter and receptor genes that affect it
  • Organ View - View Genes by thier association with an organ
  • Genome View - View the entire genome, separated by Gene Type
  • Brain View - Modify the physical layout of the brain graphically

GEL was available at Mike's Creatures until it went down. Unfortunately a bug caused it to fail to load on Windows NT/2k/XP; as the source was lost, this problem was thought unfixable until GreenReaper created a patch (only for NT/2k/XP/onwards), which should be extracted into the Windows\System32 folder after installing the main package (overwriting the existing DLL).

Did you know? If you are exceptionally bored (or geeky), you can read about the making of the patch.

GEL 2 fixed this problem, and was intended to be an improvement in general but never got the time it needed to be completed. A GEL 3 was once rumoured, but is now unlikely, at least in the short-term.