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This article is about Gaia for Creatures 3. Gaia was also the original name of the Origin system by Cyberlife.

Gaia: no average breed

Gaia (Genetic Ark Interface Apparatus) is an agent. And a breed. And a tool. According to her creator, Lis Morris:

Gaia is an intelligent shipboard computer, capable of controlling the Ark's ecosystem and Bioenergy levels. She also has her own needs and wants, and likes passing the time of day with the hand or other creatures. Unlike a normal creature, she is actually part of the ship, and therefore unable to move. She makes up for this, though, by being telekinetic!

Gaia can be troublesome, eating up almost everything she can get her hands on... despite not actually having hands as such. She never eats unique things, though. Unwanted gadgets are often a good thing to feed her. If she finds a species has gone extinct and has sufficient bioenergy she will attempt to create it in a reasonable location.

Gaia occupies Geat slot G. She can be downloaded from Creaturesfrance (link to geat page - direct link to file) or AmberCreatures (on the Life page). It is a good idea to read the included readme thoroughly to understand the effects Gaia will have on the game.

Note: Gaia will not work on DS standalone, as she is installed onto the bridge of the Ark near the Splicer, unless you use Gaia DS edition.

A male counterpart for Gaia entitled "Gaius" has been developed by Ghosthande.

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This agent is incompatible with OS X Creatures

However sam999 found out how to run her on mac. You load her and let her crash the game, then use spotlight to find your "gaia.cataloge" and place it in your cataloge folder. Then reload the game and inject gaia.