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Female Gargoylenorn (C3)
Male Gargoylenorn (C3)

Gargoyle Norns for Creatures 3 and Docking Station (see here for Creatures 2) take things easy and are not prone to stress. Since they have to stand the heaviest of rooftop downpours they are able to breath under water. As they are just a bit slower than normal norns they enter reproductive life only in the adult life stage, but live longer than usual.

The C3 Gargoyle Norns are dedicated to Mummy and to the 5th anniversary of her site Mummy's Creatures. They were created by Alien (who also made the C2 Gargoyle Norns) - the sprites occupy Geat slot W.

You can get them at Alien's Creatures World.

Have you been having trouble with Gargoyle Norn eggs being laid by the Grendel Mother? Don has made a patch to fix this - get it here, at WebPetz!