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Melanie Hoyle, better known as Geekgir1101 is a Creatures 3 and Docking Station developer, predominantly the latter.

She had a website, Docking Station for Linux, which has since disappeared, although an archive remains. She also made the Snow Toy which is now a lost project.

After many years of leaving the Creatures Community I have returned. The site as it once was will not be recovered due to many reasons - Creatures Community dying and lack of support from Gameware/Creature Labs are just some of them. It may be late now but I have considered remodeling the Lemming Ettins as they should've been. The hair they currently have was just a recolour of the standard Ettins, I did intend to use a unique hairstyle or even an attempt at copying some of the Norn hairstyles, but my patience and lack of skill with graphics meant I couldn't complete them. I just hope that when Creatures 4 comes out that the community for Creatures 1-3 will fire up again. --Geekgirl101 02:21, November 11, 2012 (UTC)

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