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Gender: Female

Docking Station ID: Ghosthande

Location: Florida, US

Website: Breeders Beware

Ghosthande is an avid player and developer for Docking Station who can often be found at Creatures Caves and Creaturetopia.

She has been playing Creatures since the original game was first released, but was unaware that the Creatures Community existed until around 2007. She has taken up management of the web site Breeders Beware and the realization of some of the original concepts, and provided hosting for the CCSF 2008.

She has a purple norndoll named Flibber.

On 2nd February 2011, Ghosthande, along with the MerNorns and Tomtschek were awarded the Bronze Shee Award as voted by the creatures community


  • The SRS Bai-Loki, a series of metarooms encompassing a "Shee Research Ship", and bringing with it a variety of new plants, critters and toys. Currently in development.
  • Louis Norns, a breed concept from the original Breeders Beware.
  • Two other, currently unrevealed breeds
  • A fantasy metaroom called the Enchanted Grove


And together with Norngirl:

  • Fantazy and Ordin Trees
  • Fantazy and Ordin Grasses
  • Caterpillars
  • Lamp plant

As well as several prizes for community contests:

  • CCSF Globe, originally created for the 2012 CCSF Space Travel Contest
  • Coconut Dolly, originally created for the 2012 Survivor contest
  • Genie Lamp, originally created for the 2012 CCSF Wolfing Run
  • Ice Cream Machine, originally created for the 2013 Survivor: Arctic contest
  • Bondi Norndoll, originally created for the 2012 CCSF Shee Design Contest
  • Harlequin Norndoll, originally created for the 2012 CCSF Caption Contest
  • Purple Mountain Norndoll, originally created for all 2012 CCSF participants
  • Norn Nip, originally created for all 2012 CCSF participants
  • Survivor Radio, originally created for the followers of the 2012 Survivor contest
  • Rubriks Cheese, created for the 2012 CCSF and awarded to the most active participants



  • Dustdevil Grendel Breed Pack, a spiny breed that comes with several agents designed to enhance the functionality of the Desert Terrarium
  • Deep Norns, an amphibious, Lovecraftian breed.
  • Gaius, a splice-compatible male counterpart for Gaia that comes with its own agents
  • Sabertooth Norns
  • Wildkat Norns, a C1-styled breed inspired by the Eurasian Lynx
  • Yautja Norn Pack, a breed pack inspired by the Predator movies

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