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Handle Fish (Ficious tobiniuos aquatonicus)[]


The Handle Fish is one of four types of 'average' fish in the Marine Terrarium. It spends most of its life swimming about in search of food (mostly seeds). If it is not eaten by natural predators or a hungry Bondi Norn before living out its natural life span, it lays a number of yellow eggs.

I seem to remember Handle fish being a major thing with the Shee - to the point of hanging paper handle fish over their doors and such. Nornagon seems to remember reading this vaguely too, possibly from one of the Creature Labs norn breed stories - Could someone confirm this and add to this article for me? -Gryph

Yes, from the official creatures 3 website. It talked about "lucky stuffed handle fish".

" The Handlefish became a bit of a sensation amongst the Shee, inspiring a line of designer robes and a range of cuddly toys. You will rarely find a Shee household that doesn't have a lucky stuffed Handlefish hanging near the front door."

Food web[]

Predators: Prey: