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Hardman Norn Male

The Hardman Norns were the second breed to be released by Creature Labs in conjunction with the Docking Station Story. You can only buy the Hardman Norns at the Gameware Creatures Mall. There is a care guide.

Species Specifics[]

The Hardman are a rather violent breed of norns, preferring to strut about the Jungle Terrarium beating up grendels (and each other, if the wrong buttons are pushed). Both genders are a tawny color, though females have red hair and ruffs of fur around their wrists and ankles (males have blonde hair). The breed is bundled with Calm Balm (a potion that helps "ease angry thoughts"), the Mecha-Grendel (a robotic grendel that the norns can punch to their hearts' content), Chilli Pepper Pots (a new food for your creatures to enjoy) and Awkwood Creeper (a plant that grows in various places in the Norn Meso and Jungle Terrarium and dispenses yummy seeds for your creatures to eat). Although said to be grendel slayers, there are a few breeds (such as Edash's Demonic Grendels) that can easily defeat a hardman in a one-on-one fight.


The discovery of the Hardman Norns is discussed in the Hardman Norn Story.

Editnorn Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

The Hardman Norns were the second breed discovered by the Lone Shee during one of his travels through the Warp. The Hardmans were reportedly discovered in the Jungle Terrarium of another Shee Ark, which had apparently been altered to suit their needs (for instance, the piranha pool was filled with trout). From this area the Lone Shee collected a few toys, plants, and, of course, Hardman Norns (after a brief scuffle that left the Lone Shee with minor injuries).

In the Banshee Grendel chapter, the Lone Shee uses the Hardmans' aggression to his advantage when he sends two adults to fight a pair of invading Banshee Grendels. The Hardmans manage to defeat the grendels.

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